Lacy phacelia- Phacelia tanacetifolia Benth

To prevent weeds, for green manure and excellent grazing for bees.

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A finely leafy plant with blue – purple honey flowers (150 – 300 kg / ha). The excellent quality honey is light yellow, with a pleasant aroma and taste. It is neutral to nematodes and prevents their reproduction; it suppresses weeds and makes the soil fertile. It loosens the compacted soil after the harvesting of cereals. The green mass enriches the soil with humus. It is a good cover crop for sugar beet and corn. It’s easy to produce and thrives anywhere, but is not frost hardy.

Additional information

Frost Tolerant

Frost Intolerant


ploughed grass

Type of soil

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Durability of use


Sowing standard: 10-12 kg / ha, later 16 kg/ha
Sowing: June to September