We are aware that the success of a company depends to a large extent on the knowledge of the company. Knowledge is becoming more and more important and only companies that invest in R&D will be able to maintain their competitiveness and market position. At INTERKORN d. o. o. we, therefore, set up a research team led by the company director dr. Peter Gselman.

Our research focuses primarily on the development of new organic oilseed and cereal seed treatments, but we explore new ways of organic oilseed processing to better utilize protein in bovine nutrition as well.

In all our researches, a very important long-term goal is the care of our environment. We focus on treatments that will be effective in controlling seed diseases and will promote youthful plant development but will not harm the environment. Our micro-laboratory and macro-tests are used as a bridge to achieve the desired solutions as quickly as possible, without unnecessary consumption of materials. However, in order to predict research correctly and reliably, we must have good laboratory results that will be our starting point for further work.

Important goals of the company include also strengthening cooperation with institutes and companies in the field of:

  • Research and development,
  • Laboratory experiments,
  • Production and
  • Technology.

Our business strategy is based on the pooling of knowledge, technology and research, which is the only way we can take the right steps to increase the competitiveness of organic and livestock farmers and preserve our nature our successors.