Italian ryegrass – Lolium multiflorum Lam

For the preparation of grass silage. It contains more sugar than other types of grass.

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Annual or biannual, middle-high grass. It is very leafy, its leaves are large and long and it spreads bushy. It is used in pure stands or in grass mixtures.

We have TETRAFLORUM Lolium multiflorum, a tetraploid, fast growing grass, with optimal protein-starch ratio in our offer. It is suitable for fresh or dry feed and for silage. Intensive rooting improves soil properties, saves excess nitrogen and prevents soil erosion. It has a good winter hardiness and it is suitable for multiple mowing from spring to autumn. For optimal growth, it requires moderately moist, medium and deeper soils.

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Sowing standard: 40-50 kg / ha
Sowing: from end of July till mid of September